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WELCOME TO MY TRIBUTE TO "THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS"! The Y&R is the greatest soap on t.v today! That is why I felt obligated to devote a fan site to the number one soap on t.v!
This "tribute" site includes everything from, cast bio's, character bio's, episode reviews, a photo album of my favorite STARZ from the show, and more.

i made a slight update in the photo gallery of prep dolls i have created of the some of the characters of the show.
i'll try to update...but i can't promise until the summer...BYE! :)

Peter Bergman page


Disclaimer: this webpage is in no way affiliated with any actors on the Y&R, let alone the show. This site was created for the fans of the Y&R , by a fan of the Y&R. It's just a simple page for the greatest soap on t.v!